Clara sample workflow visualization

I’m having some issues visualizing the output from the Clara reference workflows. I’ve run all the workflows listed in the clara-reference-workflow/ file. When I run the Clara web viewer all I see is a fuzzy pink block floating over a white square. I’ve also tried to load the data outptut to the \clara-io directories in 3D Slicer but it looks similar to what is in the web viewer. What is the proper way to visualize the output from these apps?

Hi noahznznx,

Is this still an issue? There is a related thread, “Expected output from Clara sample apps?”, in which visualization issues have been discussed. From what was said there, you have some success in viewing segmentation results (albeit after changing element spacing).

Ming Qin

I am still having an issue with the sample workflow applications. I was able to fix the issue with the liver reference app by fixing the MHD file as you suggested. With the sample workflow applications (as run with the clara-wf script) I can see the workflow app running in the web viewer but I just see the volume as an orange fuzzy region over a white square. I was expecting to see segmentation data (as shown in the README.pdf, page 38). What is the proper way of visualizing the output from the workflow samples?


Hi Noah,

Thank you again for clarifying the issue.

The render server in the Clara dashboard needs additional data input, e.g. transfer functions, to view the volumes; also, the render server does not consume Dicom images directly.

As I understand, we are already in direct contact with you, and surely I can work with the teams to provide the solution for you. In the meantime, I have escalate the issue to project management.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

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