Clara train covid19 ct lesion seg requirements

Hi, I would like to use "clara_train_covid19_ct_lesion_seg"on HPC, thus i use singularity. What I did so far are as follow:

  1. Downloaded the clara_train_covid19_ct_lesion_seg_1
  2. pulled the Clara Train SDK (
  3. I got an API key and connect to the container
  4. Once I am inside the clara train sdk container, I try to run the “”; file from “clara_train_covid19_ct_lesion_seg_1/commands” but i get an error, it tries to reach to my ‘/user/local/cuda/…’ I dont have admin access on HPC. My question is, should I pull the "NVIDIA HPC SDK"container, or should i install NVIDIA driver? I dont have admin rights to install? I just want to use the clara_train_covid19_ct_lesion_seg to segment a CT, I dont want to train a network, I just want to use the pre-trained network. Could you please help me with that?