Clara AI-assisted annotation with DeepGrow 3D powers next-generation general purpose medical imaging annotation in three dimensions. Integrated into Fovia, rapid annotation of the entire organ can be achieved with just a few clicks and visualized in real-time.

I want to ask about this.

  1. What’s the relationship between Fovia and NVIDIA Clara?

  2. NVIDIA Clara can be used in Japan? If so, NVIDIA Clara in Japan has also Fovia’s system?


Thanks for your interest in Clara Train SDK. Please note we release clara train V4.0 based on MONAI which uses PyTorch. Please check out the notebooks to get you started clara-train-examples/PyTorch/NoteBooks at master · NVIDIA/clara-train-examples · GitHub

Clara train SDK contains AI assisted annotation (AIAA). AIAA is a server to help annotate images. There are multiple notebooks showing all the features and shows integration with multiple viewers as MITK, Slicer and OHIF viewer.

Fovia is an advanced viewer that is used by some pacs. So think of fovia as on of the viewers. Nvidia had a demo with Fovia in RSNA 2019 and RSNA 2021 showing the capabilities of AIAA.

I can only talk to Nvidia Clara SDK, it is a free SDK that you encourage you to use in any country with any viewer you are using. If you already use Fovia you can reach out to Fovia support and ask them on how to use the clara AIAA integration.

Hope this helps