Clarification about the NVIDIA services for conversational Intelligence

Hi Team,

Following are the queries that We would like to know about the NVIDIA Conversational AI:

  1. Does your service provide Hindi text to English text conversion or Hindi conversation to English Text?
  2. Is there an option for speaker Diarization for the Hindi model?
  3. Also, is there an option to detect the silence and its duration in the conversation?
  4. Can we know the Tone of the speaker for each sentence? For example: Is the speaker’s tone high or low?
    Kindly, go through the points and provide us with the service details if available.
    Thank you.

Hi @iamgarimanarang

Thanks for your interest in Riva,

  1. Regarding Hindi we have ASR (Speech recognition), But currently don’t have TTS (will check with my team),
    Please find the below link for reference
    The Making of RIVA Hindi ASR Service — NVIDIA Riva

Regarding the other question I will check with my team and get back


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