Clarification about USB 3 Port on Xavier NX

What are the options of USB Type 3 for developing custom carrier board using Jetson Xavier NX, eg Realtek kindly advise compatible other manufacturer

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Please check Xavier NX docs in DLC first.

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Hi @kayccc @Trumany can you suggest alternative of U7, a USB 3.1 Gen2 Realtek Enhanced SuperSpeed on-board hub, model number RTS5489-GR or Is this available from Realtek now?

No suggestion on other hub chip. You can contact Realtek for its latest status.

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Hi, please refer to this topic: NVIDIA Jetson NX Developer Board Part Unavailable - RTS5489-GR - #5 by Trumany

RTS5420 is the P/N for Realtek.

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@Trumany @kayccc can we get support for schematics, testing of integration of Realtek IC RTS5489?

All docs we can provide are in DLC, please check in there.

Thanks, appreciate your prompt response