Clarification of carrier board tolerance to 5V input on GPIO/I2C/SPI

Hi, I asked this question before but did not get a satisfactory response. I was told that the input voltage to the Jetson Nano Carrier board was 3.3V and higher voltage inputs would damage the device.

Look at the carrier board schematic it has internal level shifters: TXB0108RGYR and these appear to be 5V tolerant.

Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

Can an engineer which designed the carrier board verify if 5V input will damage the board or not?

There are two 5V input pins 2 and 4. Thats it.

There are many ports with different voltage level request, like 3.3V and 1.8V. The 5V is for module. You can find out what’s the voltage level request of each port in P3449 schematic.

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