Clarification on AW-CB511NF-BPF wifi module

Hi Guys ,
We had a chat with AW-CB511NF-BPF Manf( Team) about usage of this module ,they said to us (As far as I know, AW-CB511NF-BPF is integrated on the NVIDIA AGX Orin platform, but I am not sure which version platform and BSP are implemented, you need to confirm with platform vendor) like this ,
We are using 900-82888-0040-000 Jetson AGX Xavier Module 32GB this Som i our Project ,Please check and send me your feedback here ,
Shall we go for this AW-CB511NF-BPF wifi module.Kindly help us on this.

Pooja Ak

@user44387 There is a AW-CB375NF on Orin AGX.
You can refer to here , all wifi list here should be ok to work across AGX/NX/Orin

Dear @alanz
Thank you for your information we will check in internal design team, if I require any additional information will come back to you ,

Pooja Ak

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