Clarification On Cameras Supported By The Nano and Jetson in General

We’re looking at developing a Jetson system. Our preference is the Nano but we are looking at the TX2 NX as well. We chose these two for cost and low power. Our plan is to operate off of PoE and the camera to be MIPI.

With that context I’ll move to the title of the above topic. I’ve looked through cameras from E-Con, FRAMOS, and Leopard. I’ve also looked over these two lists.

Jetson Partner Supported Cameras | NVIDIA Developer?
Jetson Nano -

I see some variation in one source to another. For instance, I’ll find a sensor, IMX462 offered by FRAMOS, and under the partner supported cameras it shows TX2, Nano, etc. When I go to FRAMOS their own datasheet says TX2 only. Leopard also has this same camera and also lists TX2 only which aligns with their driver support page.

My question is, if the imager is listed in the drop down of NVidia’s own recommendation list does that mean Jetpack has drivers for that imager for all Jetsons or just some? Do all these camera partners provide adapter boards and their own drivers for that adapter / carrier?

I greatly appreciate any input.


You need get the driver from camera partner. The default image won’t include those drivers.
Also to the adapter board you may need purchase from partners.

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Thank you Shane, can you confirm the comment in the page?

That the Cameras list are indeed plug and play and have support included in the most recent version of Jetpack?

Only Pi V2 imx219 have default included in the default Image others need partner provide driver for them.


Hi Kevin,

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