Clarification on .nv-l4t-disable-boot-fw-update-in-preinstall

There are a few references to touching the file /opt/nvidia/l4t-packages/.nv-l4t-disable-boot-fw-update-in-preinstall when using a custom rootfs, but I can’t tell if it is actually documented anywhere.

The last link above says,

If I flash with sudo ./ -R my-custom-rootfs/ is that considered a “non-standard partition layout”?

This script creates the file before installing packages to the chroot, and then removes it. I think that makes sense if a package (nvidia-l4t-firmware?) performs an unintended preinstall action.

The contents of the rootfs and the size of the rootfs partition (and therefore the rest of the partitions) are totally independent.

You should be ok to use a default BCT payload

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