Clarification required for support of kdump tools on Linux 5.10.104-tegra running on Jetson Xavier NX

Could someone from the Nvidia development team clarify whether support for generating Linux Kernel core dump files during Linux kernel panics is now available on the latest version of Jet Pack SDK 5.1.1 on the Jetson Xavier NX Platform using the standard Ubuntu kdump tools.

I have so far gone through all the Nvidia documentation and forums, where I was able to find the following discussions, but unfortunately there was no definite answer to my question.

I have so far installed the standard “kdump” tools on my Jetson Xavier NX dev system using the following apt package provided by Ubuntu repos.

sudo apt install linux-crashdump

See URL for more details on setting up kdump tools:

I have also ran the “kdump-config” command to confirm the status of the kdump service where it reported that is not available on the Jetson platform.

$ kdump-config show

  • no crashkernel= parameter in the kernel cmdline
    DUMP_MODE: kdump
    USE_KDUMP: 1
    KDUMP_SYSCTL: kernel.panic_on_oops=1
    KDUMP_COREDIR: /var/crash
    crashkernel addr:
    kdump initrd:
    current state: Not ready to kdump

kexec command:
no kexec command recorded

I have also built a custom Linux kernel with all the options turned on to enable kernel core dumps.

And these are the previous discussions on this topic that I have found on the forum.

Note that the Linux Kernel core dump feature is quite important for us as we are developing an end user embedded system based on the Jetson Xavier NX platform. By having the facility to retrieve Kernel core dump will allow us to support our embedded system product much more effectively in the field for our customers.

Rather ask in the appropriate Jetson forum:

Thank you “Generix”. I have moved my question to a more appropriate forum.

We don’t enable it by default. Do you know which config should be enabled for the function? We have the guidance for customizing kernel in developer guide. You may enable certain configs to rebuild kernel image and try.

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