Class 3 IPC Compliant

Is Orin NX class 3 IPC compliant?

I can’t give you a guaranteed answer, but the construction is definitely at least class 2 compliant. From looking at the PCB it is most likely either class 1 or someone did such a good job at class 2 that it might as well be class 1 (once upon a time, long ago, I was a certified IPC class 2 inspector). There is a possibility that NVIDIA certifies the dev kits and commercial modules differently, especially for the industrial. So if you want NVIDIA to give an exact answer, then it probably requires stating the exact module, e.g., an eMMC direct purchase Orin NX module versus an Orin NX dev kit.

This is for the Orin NX Module 16G USA made. I see Class III referenced in the Compliance Docs, but I am not too familiar with IPC Classifications.

Basically class 1 is the best, it is MIL spec. Class 2 is high quality consumer electronics, and class 3 is something more “average” with nothing special about it. So much of this is machine assembled though that even if it is listed as class 3 I suspect it would comply with class 1 for the most part (there might be temperature and other environment specs which prevent a better class although assembly is better than the listed class; industrial modules no doubt have the better class).

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