clBuildProgram returns error -1


I have a problem with the clBuildProgram error, this function returns the error -1 (CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND) but there is no information about this error in the manpage correponding: oclBuildProgram

I have a function to get the build log with oclGetProgramBuildInfo but there is no log to display and with CL_PROGRAM_BUILD_STATUS option I get the error code -2 wich means that there is build error.

What can I do?

I found a partial solution, obviously there was a compilation problem (variables used but not declared). What I do not understand is :

why clBuildProgrem don’t return the error code CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE?

why clGetProgramBuildInfo did not gave me compilation’s informations? I used this function like this :


char programLog[1024];

clGetProgramBuildInfo(I_cp_Program, I_cd_Devices[0], CL_PROGRAM_BUILD_STATUS, 1024, programLog, 0);

printf("\n\n%s\n\n", programLog); [/codebox]

Where is my error?

Thanks for your help.