Cleaning Omniverse Installation Wants to Erase My Programs!?!?!

Does this mean I will have all my actual programs deleted or just their associations with Omniverse?

Hi @gamehatcher! Let me check with the launcher team really quick. It doesn’t look like your programs will be uninstalled, just the Omniverse Apps and Omniverse Connectors and any associated cache files, but let me double check!

(We should also re-word the instructions here to make it clearer.)

Confirmed with the launcher team. This only removes the Applications that were installed with the Omniverse Launcher.

We will work on making the instruction clearer. I hope this helps answer your question!

I’m going to type (y) for Yes and run it then, and hope it does what you said…and I will let you know in just a few! Definitely feeling nervous though…lol.

Before I do it, can you tell me the benefit of doing the cleaning? And what will happen to my art files if it does delete everything?

I tried it on my machine for a test! It does not uninstall my 3rd party apps or delete my art files. What it does do is give you a clean version of Omniverse, which is something I probably should have done awhile ago!