Clear Linux - ERROR: Unable to load the 'nvidia-drm' kernel module - GTX 970

It might be important to know about what kind of section mismatch is reported, by running the installer with
env var set.

Thanks for reporting issues to us.
I have filed a bug internally 200622679 for tracking purpose.

Okay I got around to trying this. According to the docs, PRE_BUILD should be the path to a script to run. So I created a script like this:

echo "blah" > ~/test.txt

The echo is so I can tell whether the script has run. I edited dkms.conf to point PRE_BUILD to the script then ran nvidia-installer. But the same error as before occurred, and the test.txt file was never created. Any ideas?

I ran the installer with this flag, but no additional output was visible in stdout OR in nvidia-installer.log.

This issue has been take care of in our recent beta driver release, I was able to install it successfully.

Please try and share your test results.

Thanks for the update. I just tried updating my system. I uninstalled the old NVidia driver, and tried to use the normal steps to install the beta you linked to. However, when I had the --dkms flag set, I got the same error as before. I had to disable that flag, and then it installed. So I’ll need to continue re-running the installer any time I get a kernel update.

I’m facing the same issue here and just can’t find a solution. I have been trying for about a week or so, and nothing seems to work.
Here is my nvidia-bug-report lognvidia-bug-report.log (614.5 KB)

Hello, I have the same issue with the version 450.57:

ERROR: Unable to load the 'nvidia-drm' kernel module.

nvidia-installer.log (3.1 KB)