Clearing messaging available

When I have 2 nodes communicating with each other, i have no problem sending or receiving the messages. I have the tick function called on message received. This seems to work fine as well.

In the tick function I have if(rx_example().available()). This is set properly as well. The problem that occurs is that after one message is receive, there is always a message available, regardless if new or not. Is there a way to remove read messages?

I did see there is a processNewmessages callback that claims it marks all messages as read but then I would need to set up a call back function which seems redundant if the tick is going to occur on message receive anyways. Does this make rx_example().available() return FALSE if using this call? Is this really the only way? Can I not manually reset a message flag myself?

At least as a temporary work around, I read the time stamp of the message and save it. If the timestamp is the same on the next check, I ignore the rx_example().available(). Still stands how to clear the buffered message.