clock Rate Undersnatding Hardware

HI All,

Device Query in my GPU says - “Clock rate: 1.19 GHz”

Now is it 1.19 GHz per CORE or per Multiprocessor?

I guess it is obviously per core!

As it is the core which actually performs the instructions in a pipeline of four! Please confirm me !

Again When i try to fetch info of my CPU it says

"5160 @ 3.0 GHZ


Now why there are two diff clock cycles in CPU?

Is it CPI and Memory Bandwidth respectively?

but what does “5160 @ 3.0 GHZ” exactly mean?

I am just trying to understand the hardware on which i am working on !

Thanks in Advance, Nabarun.
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The GPU and CPU are separate chips, and so typically run at different clocks. 5160 @ 3.0 GHZ is referring to your CPU - the 3.0 GHZ is the clock, and the 5160 is the particular CPU model, likely short for something like Intel Xeon 5160. The 1.19GHZ is the GPU’s clock speed.

Clock speed is pretty much meaningless these days, particularily for GPUs, which achieve their speed by being hundreds of small processors running in parallel on a single chip.

Hi Keldor,

Is it something like -

Total Processing Capacity of my GPU is 1.19812 = 114.24 GHz. (1.19 * no of core * no of SM)

And the total capacity of my CPU is 3.0 * 2 = 6.0 GHz.

I found some kind of info like this from internet but just wanted to comfirm on NVIDIA forum.

And is it that -

i am going to run my program at 114.24 GHz instead of 6.0 GHz on my GPU if i use proper shared memory, registers, blocks, threads etc.

Thanks for your reply,

regards Nabarun.