Clone development kit module system and massflash to production module

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I have finished developing Xavier NX with devkit module (system and file system in SD card) . Now I want to clone the whole system and massflash to production module with my custom board. I find the massflash tool noly support production module. How do I clone and flash my system on the SD card to production module SSD?

hello Vinson.Chau,

that’s correct clone options only works with production modules (i.e. with internal eMMC).
you may check the partition label, ls -al /dev/disk/by-partlabel, and using the dd commnads to copy the partition image.

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After using “dd” commands to copy the partition image. How can I flash to my production modules? I should refer the document topic of " Flashing a Specific Partition" , it it right?

hello Vinson.Chau,

you should flash the image to the same release version, for example, you’ve back-up the image from JP-4.5 device and flash that to JP-4.5 release targets.
there’s -r options to avoid rebuild the system.img and reuse the exist image for flashing APP partition, note, the default flashing process it took $ mksparse creates a compressed version of the root file system, it’s only a smaller image size to speed-up image flashing. i.e. system.img.rawsystem.img

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Thanks, I will try.

Dear JerryChang,
I use command “dd bs=512 if=dev/disk/by-partlabel/APP of=/system.img” to package the APP partition image. But the image size is very large, more than 100GB,very close to my SD card size. Is that normal? And I flash it to my module successfully and then the device can not be boot.

This is my boot log.
20220402.log (55.5 KB)

hello Vinson.Chau,

please check the ROOTFSSIZE in the flash configuration file, it’s the size definition of your APP partition.
btw, did you have identical devices for back-up/restore the APP image?

Dear Jerry,

Identical devices means Xavier NX develop module to Xavier NX develop module , Xavier NX 16 GB to Xavier NX 16 GB? I can not achieve clone from Xavier NX deveklop module to Xavier NX 16 GB?

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