Cloner -feature request

I know I can duplicate objects in Machinima and in Create.
I would like to see “Cloner” kind of feature. You know where you can
take control of amount, size and orientation of duplicates…

extension surface instancer - I gotta try this one!!

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Surface instancer works nice:

But I see it is meant to spread stuff around in more random / natural style. I have there for example the default settings: angle min 0 and max also 0 but still they are rotated in natural style.
So we have any other exension to spread instances in straight rows… Like panels on a wall?

We have point scattering that is quite robust already.
In the coming days we will connect it to the geometry replicators that produce mesh geometry or feed the USD point instancer.

Also, we added physx to the paint system, so you can paint-scatter objects that resolves overlap and make the instances stack on each other.
That feature will be in the upcoming open Beta release.

Good to know this, sounds quite perfect tool.