Closed Captions not working on Nvidia Shield (but working on other Android TV devices)


We are developing an Android TV app that will allow users to tune live IPTV channels from their cable company.

The closed captions are not being displayed when they are enabled. They work on other devices, including Android Mobile and other Android TV devices.

Here is a description from our development team:

We are developing an android TV app using the google's InputService TV standard with ExoPlayer.

The subtitle of the player for some reason is not displaying on the nVidia Shield device (Android 8.0). We have tested my implementation on multiple devices (not shield) and works well except the shield. The close caption settings are enabled.
Does the shield require any additional settings / coding in order to display the subtitle view?

NOTE: We have created a layout capture and we can see the subtitle view attached to the player view in the capture, but it is not visible.

Can you please help us move forward?

Thank you,
John Kneeling
Espial Product Engineering Team

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I’d likely need a test app and/or bugreport to try to get the software team to review what might be going on here. I’ll look to see if there is an existing android sample, but anything you can provide would accelerate our investigation and how quickly we might be able to bring any OS-side fix to market (or provide workarounds if any).


David Chait
Tegra Developer Technology

Thanks for the reply. One of our developers is working with Karthikeyan Samynathan and will be sending a sample app to them. I’ll update this forum post when I have more information.