CLOSED. Jetson TX1 usb2.0 connection circuit

Hello Nvidia,
I am developing my own carrier board for TX1.
The question is about USB 2.0 interfacing.
I am using only USB0(microusb) pins - B39, B40. And the external 5v power(about 5.2 - 5.1 v.).

When the USB 2.0 stick plugged in usb connector and Jetson TX1 powered with 12v, the stick’s LED is blinking.
When the Jetson power button was pushed and it starts loading, then the USB stick’s LED is off and i do not see any usb flash drives in the system(lsusb, fdisk -l).

Here is my power supply scheme:

Please advice me, how is the Jetson usb schematics work?


Best regards, Viktor.
syslog.txt (311 KB)

Hi Viktor,

Seems you did not connect VBUS (pin 1 of USB connector) to USB0_VBUS_DET ( pin B37), so system can’t detect USB device plug in.

Hi Trumany,

I have made connection TX1 B37 pin to 1-st USB pin(5v), but result the same.
All devices (hubs, flash drives) don’t work. When USB device connected to TX1 and 12v connected too, then usb devices led is on. After TX1 power on button pushed, usb devices led is off.

Also i can’t see any USB_DET B37 pin connection in P2597_B02_Concept_schematics.pdf in USB 2.0 section.

What can i do else?
Please help.

Best regards, Viktor.

What’s your connection of ID pin of USB connector? It should be to USB0_OTG_ID (pin A36). For host and device mode setting, please refer to below topics:

[url]Jetson TX1 Dev Board USB Host/Target Mode - Jetson TX1 - NVIDIA Developer Forums
[url]USB2 host mode (via USB OTG cable) - Jetson TK1 - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thank you.
I made USB0_OTG_ID to Grnd and USB drive now working.
USB0_VBUS_DET unused.

Ticket closed.