Hello Nvidia,

I am developing my own carrier board for TX1.

Tell me please, how can i use SDMMC_VDD_EN pin for SD card and USB_VBUS_EN0 pin for USB 2.0?
May i programmatically control it or it is only for circuit signals?
At this time i dont use this pins and i dont see sd card and usb drive in system.

Best regards, Viktor.

hello vsw,

had you already refer to [Tegra Linux Driver Package TX1 Adaptation Guide] ?
you’re able to download it via [Release 28.1 Development Guide ]-> [PDF Documents]

Hi Jerry,

Yes i read all docs.
Pins SDMMC_VDD_EN, USB_VBUS_EN0 is not nessecery for SD and USB work, if i have direct external power?
They are hardware out pins?

Best regards, Viktor.

For SD problem solved. I had mistake. SD_CD was connected to 1.8v, but it needs to ground and then SDMMC_VDD_EN became Hi.