Cloth and onContact or onContactModify 3.3.1

I don’t seem to be getting cloth actors in onContactModify or onContact with PxClothFlag::eSCENE_COLLISION enabled, so I’m assuming that it is currently not possible to modify contacts of cloth/scene collision? Wanted to make sticky cloth but I think Bullet or 2.8 is the only way this is possible. Any sort of faked two-way cloth/rigidbody interaction in 3.3.1 seems to be very impossible.

Yes, there are limitations on the PxCloth in PhysX-3 that were not imposed on the old NxCloth in PhysX-2.8. The reason is that PxCloth is designed primarily for the clothing use case, and features were eliminated in order to make it perform efficiently with robust behavior. It wasn’t an easy choice, but in reality NxCloth in 2.8.x did nothing particularly well, and performance was generally bad. PxCloth in PhysX-3.x performs well for the clothing use case, and offers improved behavior for clothing applications compared to 2.8.x-NxCloth.