Cloth and PxBoxGeometry friction

Dear all,
I am trying to simulate friction between a cloth and a table top that i have modeled using PxBoxGeometry. I have set all friction related functions to no avail. The friction coefficient for cloth is set to 1, the static/dynamic friction coefficients for PxBoxGeometry’s material are also set to 1,1. But still it does not work. The cloth does not wrinkle and simply slides down the table top. Could anyone of you suggest on how to enable friction between cloth and pxboxgeometry?

Note that I am using PhysX v3.3.1. There is a note in the documentation of PxCloth::setFrictionCoefficient function that "Currently only spheres and capsules impose friction on the colliding particles. " Does this mean that it is not possible to achieve friction between cloth and PxBoxGeometry?


Yes, the comment implies that cloth friction is enabled only for sphere and capsule shapes. The PxCloth implementation is meant primarily for clothing, where the underlying collision rig will be made of spheres and capsules. I will check to see if this has changed in 3.3.2.