Cloth Example

Hello, I am trying to create an application which displays a piece of cloth, and allows the user to pick the cloth and move it to another place, lift it up in the air, etc. Did anyone here do anything similar and can offer me some help?

I must mention that I am a complete beginner and I find the documentation to be a little bit too abstract for me, and I can’t get an application running.

It would also help if you could suggest other sites/articles/tutorials on how to create cloth.

I am using PhysX SDK 3.2.1 with glut library.

You should check out SampleCloth in 2.8 as it shows you how to create cloth, pick with your mouse, etc.

You can achieve the same things with PhysX 3.x but it is more manually involved as PhysX 3.x is redesigned towards simulating character clothing more. See SampleCharacterCloth.