Cloth Simulation In Ogre3D Using PhysX

Hello Developers !

I’m new here. I’m currently working on Ogre3D and PhysX library 2.81. I have exported human 3D model via blender in .mesh format. I have also exported her cloths in .obj format. I have successfully converted human 3D model into physX kinematic object. And i have also created cloth mesh(in .obj format) into PhysX cloth. This cloth is taking physical effects like wind and tearing effects. I have put these cloths on this Girl 3D Model. Now I’m moving towards animation. I have put the bones in the Human 3D model and now i want to apply the animation effect on this model. For example if the girl take her leg up, then the cloth should move up as it is expecting some force from the model. How can i do this ??? I have searched many times and i have found nothing. I will appreciate your ideas. Thanks.


Have you got any reference case for your animation stuff ?