Clothing and Hair Physics Problem - Objects Fall and Stick in Frame 1

I’m having trouble with physics simulations for clothing and hair in [USD Composer]. Whenever I add the “particle cloth” modifier, the objects immediately fall and become stuck in the first frame. I’ve tried moving them back, but they remain immobile. This issue also occurs with hair simulations.

Ok Let me send this over to our physics team and get back to you.

Hi @GreenTigerTora ,
You will need something to attach the cloth to the character. For this you will need to represent the character either as a deformable or rigid bodies. Is this an animated character? We don’t have much support for complex cases, but it would be interesting to know, if the character is implemented, whether it’s mesh or bone based animation.


Animated character, not static mesh.

The most robust way is to create for example a sphere shape, add a rigid body component, select it as kinematic, animate it according to the character animation, select sphere shape and particle cloth, create → physics → attachment, then tweak the attachment.
More flexible, but likely less robust: add a deformable body component to the animated torso mesh, make sure it’s marked as a kinematic deformable, then select deformable, select cloth mesh and again create an attachment, and tweak it.
None of this is very well supported, but you can definitely try it.

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