CloudXR 3.1.1 ARCore UnrealEngine transparent objects

Hello, I am just starting with CloudXR, trying to create an AR project with UE4.27 but the opaque objects are still semi-transparent over the video. I saw some older posts about it and in the CloudXR 3.0 Notes says that it was fixed.

Is there any special settings inside the unreal project that has to be changed for the alpha channel ? or anything special to do? I deleted the sky and everything, so the only opaque objects are the one supposed to be…

Thank you very much !!

I don’t have engine experience, so can’t say what particular settings you might need.

you can try dumping client or server bitstream (I think -ccb and -csb does the trick when set in the CLIENT config file), and then look at what the second channel looks like. Can equally use -d to just dump frames, and look at whether alpha looks incorrect there. compare to bitstream/frames from the artest app. historically, I think the alpha channel was just gray or something, so everything blended.

The specific bug fixed had to do with a colorspace conversion being applied to alpha that shouldn’t have, causing it to be limited range rather than full – and thus very high/low alpha got pulled in a little bit.

Thank you tedgradave !, I will check it asap.

In both sides (Server and client) the streams are the same, the second stream (alpha?) is a grayscale version of the video. I am gonna check why Unreal sends it as a grayscale image and not the actual alpha…

Thank you

Hi! Did you find the solution for the alpha channel issue in Unreal?

I think they (Nvidia-Epic) need to speak each others, because

  1. is an old problem
  2. Unreal is a really important engine on the market,
    used now in many ways than games, form architecture, automotive, museum visualization, to immersive safety courses, etc…