CloudXR 3.1.1 on AWS G5 Instance

Has anyone gotten it to work on an AWS g5.2xlarge instance? I installed everything (SteamVR, CloudXR) and enabled all protocols etc. I can’t connect the Quest 2 to it using the latest OVR APK.

Yes. Please see AWS G5 Support

Thanks, I wrote that other ticket :). I installed the G5 drivers successfully and afterwards installed CloudXR server, SteamVR. I was unsuccessful in connecting my Quest 2 to the server though after launching SteamVR and setting the IP address in the txt file.

oh that’s funny – so sorry to have missed that :) I would double check the security group within EC2 to make sure they’re set to allow traffic. This post shows some of them that should be enabled: CloudXR Port Setting on AWS

The security group I have is wide open Inbound and Outbound. I use the same config for G4 as well as G5. Strangely, my G4 instance works fine but G5 fails to connect.

I have attached the logs below if that helps any.

CloudXR Client Log 2022-05-13 15.25.14.txt (3.8 KB)
Streamer Client Log 2022-05-13 15.25.14.txt (205.9 KB)