CloudXR 3.2 Colorspace and MediaCodec Error Message

After upgrading my client to CloudXR 3.2. I can usually connect to the server and see expected graphics on my screen, but logcat just keeps printing two errors and I don’t know where to make them right.

The first is about colorspace:
I/Adreno: Invalid colorspace 5
This error message is printed every frame.

The second is about mediacodec
IRDI LatchFrame AMediaCodec_dequeueOutputBuffer AMEDIACODEC_INFO_TRY_AGAIN_LATER
This error message is printed once every a few frames.

Anyone knows how to fix them?

what device is this on, and can you post a set of logs?

The former is an error I’ve not seen. Thus interested in which device it’s on…

The latter is a known ‘warning’. It is just noting when pacing is off and the app is ahead of the network waiting for the next frame to arrive and decode. Absolutely normal operation. We’ll likely tag it as a verbose log so in the future you won’t see that message unless in verbose logging.