CloudXR 3.2 Is Client State Updated Differently from 3.1.1?

I followed a client implementation similar to that of Oculus Quest. It looks like the client state is updated differently from that of CloudXR 3.1.1.

One obvious difference is that when SteamVR is closed on the server, the client state would be updated to cxrClientState_Exiting in 3.1.1, but is now updated to cxrClientState_Disconnected in 3.2.

Also, the client state update seems to be less accurate about what the client is actually doing than it was in 3.1.1, such as that it would be cxrClientState_ConnectionAttemptInProgress when I attempt to connect to a server, but now it’s either cxrClientState_ReadyToConnect or cxrClientState_StreamingSessionInProgress, even if I do not start SteamVR and just keep the client attempting the connection.

I would be helpful if someone can help explain when actually each state is delivered from the callback function.