CloudXR 3.2: Minimum set of CloudXRClientDescriptor entries

Hello everyone

We are excited about CXR 3.2 and the possibility to pre-set some device configs in order to skip our current tedious sequence to make sure the device connects before the app starts.

The docs (NVIDIA CloudXR Server — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation) show some examples for device descriptor files and also mention that once you do this CloudXR will reject other devices.

The tradeoff is that the server will now only accept connections from the pre-configured client and reject any other client devices.

Now, reading through such a sample, e.g. for Quest 2:

#Oculus Quest 2
deliveryType : 2
width : 1832
height : 1920
maxResFactor : 1.2
ipd : 0.058077
fps : 72
proj : -1.279942 1.279942 -1.191754 1.191754 -1.279942 1.279942 -1.191754 1.191754
ctrlType : 2

We were wondering which of those entries are required and which lead to a rejection if the device that connects has different values. E.g. IPD is something that can change easily even while the app is running.



Hi Dominique,
Thank you for using the CloudXR 3.2 SDK, all the values are required however we do not perform strict checking on all the values. IPD and Projection matrix for example might be different for the same device depending on what a user selects for their IPD.