CloudXR - Can you connect via 5g outside local network

Hi, I’ve had had success connecting locally on my network to CloudXR. I was wondering, is there a method for connecting on a tablet on an external 5g network to the host? I couldn’t find any documentation on it and based off the interface it doesn’t look like it’s an option right now. Thought I’d reach out and make sure. Thanks!

CloudXR works great on 5G networks in our testing in Private Networks. As the 5G public network continues to grow there will be many places a user could stream from a server running CloudXR. Right now those public servers are restricted to the CSPs (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc…) and predominantly available over the internet via regional CSP datacenter. But, if you are in a major city where 5G AWS Wavelength or similar services are being offered there may be a way to try CloudXR over 5G.

Thanks for the reply. Is there any documentation that expands in more detail on how this might work on a 5G public network or through the CSP’s you cited? Like for example, on the tablet when I enter my local IP address I connect right away without any issue. Is the connection process any different in what you’ve outlined from the client side over a public 5G network /CSP? Is there any sort of authentication involved to establish the connection?

Okay I found a more detailed post here.