CloudXR client connectivity with VMware Horizon provisioned VM

I have a Win10 21H2 virtual desktop provisioned and managed by VMware Horizon running SteamVR and CloudXR. When I open a connection to the desktop via PCoIP and leave the session open I can connect from my headset with the CloudXR client. However, if I leave SteamVR running and simply disconnect the session the headset is unable to connect to it. Ideally this should function similarly to connecting to the VM via VNC with the same ability to disconnect and leave the session running.

Attached are client and streamer logs from when the Horizon session is connected and disconnected. Any thoughts?
Horizon disconnected Streamer Client Log 2022-03-11 10.26.07.txt (166.0 KB)
Horizon disconnected CloudXR Client Log 2022-03-11 10.26.07.txt (918 Bytes)
Horizon connected Streamer Client Log 2022-03-11 10.25.23.txt (192.7 KB)
Horizon connected CloudXR Client Log 2022-03-11 10.25.23.txt (1.7 KB)

Hi @shad.williams -

Just checking in - have you been able to resolve this issue?