CloudXR for multiple connections/users/devices

I wonder if this is a correct question, but is it possible to build up an scenario, and multiple users are connecting to a single CloudXR endpoint, interacting with the same scene/object.

Hello @markyqj! Thank you for your question and your interest in Omniverse XR!

Yes, it WILL be possible to set up the scenario you posted above, but it is not currently possible in the Beta Version that is available right now. The development team is working on this!

We just did a livestream with the Omniverse XR that you might be interested in: NVIDIA Omniverse Stream | Getting Started: Omniverse XR - YouTube

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How can I get hold of the Beta version?

Hello @Jack_Jensen! The Beta Version that is available now can be found by opening the Omniverse Launcher > Exchange > Omniverse Create XR

Oh sorry, I didnt see that the latest release was a Beta, sorry for that!