CloudXR & Hololens2 target tracking

Hi everyone,

I’ve succeed deploying CloudXR client on Hololens2. But AR is efficient mostly when the displayed models are mapped precisly to the environment.

I could not manage to access to the Hololens2 main camera to use it to track QR code or 3D model to map the environment.

Does anyone has any idea for doing that ?

Off course I could use an exteral wifi camera fixed on the AR headset but it would not be a precise mapping.

Thanks for ur help

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I just want to “upvote” this question. (Also curious Enzo, do you get useful performance and low latency? Maybe you can chime in on this under my question on extreme latency? best regards/Filip)

Hi folks,
Thank you for trying out our HoloLens2 sample application!

I was wondering if you could share some more information on how you tried to access the main camera on the device. Our sample does not directly make use of the camera and so we do not request the webcam permission in our Package.appxmanifest. If you could also share any errors you are seeing that would also be helpful to get to the root of the issue.

Just for reference here is Microsoft’s sample code to access the main camera and use it for face tracking: Windows-universal-samples/Samples/HolographicFaceTracking at master · microsoft/Windows-universal-samples · GitHub

Arjun Dube

I’d also like to upvote this. It would be great to be able to make use of on-device data such as the HL2 camera and other HL2 specific features (eye tracking data et al).

Hello Arjun,

Thank you for your answer. I’d try to merge the two solution to be able to use the video flow for the mentioned purpose. I’d keep you updated if I succeed to do so.