CloudXR on AWS for UE4 .exe and Oculus Quest2


Hi everyone,
I’m preparing an ec2 instance whit CloudXR ami on AWS,
the goal is to use CloudXR for VR projects built through UnrealEngine4, I would like to be able to launch the UE4 .exe files on the EC2 instance and connect with Oculus Quest2 through CloudXR, I already have my instance and I already installed steamVR and CloudXR (server only),
but first of all ,
I would like to know if what I have in mind is a possible and compatible configuration or if CloudXR has been designed to be used only with Steam,
and possibly if there are some best practices for using CloudXR with UnrealEgine or or alternatively if any of you have already done so and can give me some advice or warning,
thank you very much in advance!