CloudXR Port Setting on AWS

When I setup a CloudXR AMI on AWS, several ports are requested to open by the security group: 48010, 47998-48000, 48005, and 48002 for TCP and UDP.
Could I get any support document to justify those ports? So I could provide information for security team to understand the purpose of enabling access over each port.

I was also courios about which ports to open and found this list in the forum. Maybe it helps:
|TCP| 47999 |CloudXR Control|
|UDP| 47999 |CloudXR Control|
|TCP| 48000 |CloudXR Audio|
|UDP| 48000 |CloudXR Audio|
|TCP| 47998 |CloudXR Video|
|UDP| 47998 |CloudXR Video|
|TCP| 48005 |CloudXR Video|
|UDP| 48005 |CloudXR Video|
|TCP| 48002 |CloudXR Microphone|
|UDP| 48002 |CloudXR Microphone|
|TCP| 48010 |CloudXR RTSP|
|UDP| 48010 |CloudXR RTSP|