CloudXR SDK 3.2 (May 2022) .zip file lost ovr-sample.apk

I am testing NVIDIA CloudXR in my Oculus headset. I found I can not find ovr-sample.apk. I am following training video on bilibili. Please see below screenshot.

But I can not find that file in CloudXR SDK 3.2 (May 2022).

Please check the zip file in your web and send ovr-sample.apk to me if it is convenient for you.


AMY Jiang

Hello @871565067! I’ve asked the team for help on this issue. I will post back here when I have more information!

I’m having the same issue

Apologies, the pre-built APK was removed last minute for licensing reasons – the same basic reasons that the WaveVR sample APK is not there. I thought that was in the release notes?

It is reasonably easy to build yourself from the included android project. If you have any issues, let me know.


I tried a lot of times to build the app.
The build succeeded but on the Headset, the app starts and exits automatically

I don’t have any information in the logs in the CloudXR folder.

Is there any way to get a working apk ?


@tegradave ?
May you provide some help please ?
I’ll be very grateful :)

Thanks !

Did you manage to overcome this issiue? I have a similar situation, but can’t build sample apk at all.
Best regards

Hi @wifrida

I managed to build the apk it was not so complicated but when I launch it inside the VR it loads for around 30 seconds then the app closes/crashes.

By the way, I managed to download also a previous built apk from cloudXR and it also behaves the same way.

That’s why I’m asking @tegradave if he may provide some help

Thanks :)

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If you have the apk built and launching, then I’d want to see the client and server log files, and best to also run ‘adb logcat -d > launch_problems.log’ right after it exits and include that too.

The logs GENERALLY have a pretty clear indication of the issue. If it crashes, there’s an explicit crash log and call stack in the logcat dump. If it is failing internally and exiting, it should be either in logcat or the client log why that happened – usually it is failure to connect to server (either unspecified in launch options via file or cmdline or android studio, or specified and picked up but unreachable due to firewall or other issues).

So if you can pass along logs plus the logcat dump, I’m happy to take a look and see if I can point you at what’s going wrong.


It should be pretty easy to follow the documentation, download the pieces we don’t ship inside the sdk and place them in the right folders (and rename zips in many cases), and then either run Gradle or Android Studio to build. If you can give more detail than “can’t build sample apk at all”, I can try to walk you through the doc steps that you are maybe missing.

Thank you for answering. I made a post earlier today with my issue.

I have been following all the steps from the documentation carefully but have not been successful, yet. I’m not an experienced developer so it might be something silly, and I apologize if that’s the case. Thank you again.