CloudXR Server Code

I am trying to use CloudXR for my VR application, which renders 3D content with Unity as a server and streams the 3D content as video to Quest 2 client.
When I read the SDK documentation, it specifies how to customize and program a client, but it doesn’t provide any programming guide or instruction on changing the server-side.
I need access to the CloudXR server API to dynamically change the bitrate and resolution in runtime.
Does CloudXR provide this server-side programming support as well? Did I miss something?

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Resolution and bitrate are automatically adjusted as part of the QoS built into CloudXR server and not directly exposed.

Maybe you can explain why you think you need to be manually adjusting such values yourself during runtime, vs the low level engine that is live tracking QoS statistics, etc.

I’ve heard users who want to try to pre-adjust these items, usually trying to run on 5G or something else, but not dynamic updates. Note that for future releases, we will hopefully be enabling some kind of network ‘profiles’, so you can specify wifi vs 5g for example, and the underlying algorithms will adjust in slightly different ways, at different values, based on the network type.