CloudXR Server Monitoring

Hi all, I’m trying to build a simple c++ application that could help us monitor CXR state, map file, communicate with our backend, and auto launch our app on headset connection.
I’m running into the following roadblock
Am I able to monitor server state without having to initialize openVR?

We will have a unity app running to which a user is connected to and a monitoring app that’s on the system streaming telemetry to our backend servers (IP address, CXR state, etc…)

I’m thinking that we’ll have to implement openVR in unity and then get the tracked device properties which might require switching the app from openXR to openVR

Hi @kunal2xl07 – we’re exploring how to provide more insight into network performance and stats within the client API that should assist your efforts. We’ve also had developers do what you’re suggesting – use OpenVR to query the connected error status for HMDs and launch once it is connected.