CloudXR - understanding of the number of streams in transmission and in reception


In the enumeration below we can choose between Generic or XR mode

typedef enum
} cxrStreamingMode;

when using cxrStreamingMode_XR the value of the number of streams is directly changed to 2 (cxrReceiverDesc.numStreams = 2) by the SDK. I would have liked to know if it is an emission stream to send the video from the cameras to the server and a reception stream to retrieve the rendering linked to the real-time engine.

does that seem right to you?

then in the CloudXR FAQ they say we have 1 stream per eye
so that would mean that we have:

  • 2 streams in receptions (one per eye)
  • 1 stream in transmission (video cameras)

is my reasoning correct?

and if so, would it be possible to change this to a single Stream in reception to avoid using too many spatial streams?