CLyther - OOP OpenCL language extension Pre release of CLyther


We are currently in the planning stages of the new open source project ‘CLyther’. CLyther, is a Python tool similar to Cython. CLyther is a python language extension that makes writing OpenCL code as easy as Python itself. CLyther currently only supports a subset of the Python language definition but adds many new features to OpenCL. CLyther was inspired by PyCUDA and PyCUDA’s views on Metaprogramming.

CLyther exposes both the OpenCL C library as well as the OpenCL language to python.

Clyther Features:

    Fast prototyping of OpenCL code.

    Create OpenCL code using the Python language definition.

    Strong OOP programming in OpenCL code.

    Passing functions as arguments to kernel functions.

    Python emulation mode of OpenCL code.

    Fancy indexing of arrays

    Device memory management

    Dynamic compilation at runtime

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We are excited to release this product and we would like your help and feedback. Please contact us if you would like to help develop CLyther. For more information please visit the CLyther website