CM3-U3-31S4C pointgrey camera problems


I have a CM3-U3-31S4C pointgrey camera and I use sample_camera_pointgrey to verify. I encounter some problems.

  1. I plug CM3-U3-31S4C to USB2.0 hub, the output in GLFW window is lag and not smooth. After I change fps from 30 to 5, it still has no improvement.

  2. I plug CM3-U3-31S4C to USB3.0 hub, the output in GLFW window is all black and it seem to be stuck. I need to force closing it.

Hello simon750324,

Could you please contact Point Grey team for this symptom?
You have to recompile the kernel for use with Point Grey, unfortunately we do not supply kernel sources via DevZone anymore.
So please contact PG and we will work with them to resolve it. Thanks.