CMake fails due to insufficient memory while installing ROS

I am attempting to install ROS kinetic from source, as it is unavailable through apt, though I continue to get this error:

c++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)

I checked the memory while the make was running, and it was at about %100, and the TX1 froze for a short period of time. Any suggestions for how to get around this?

If you are using R24.1, then you probably found a memory leak. R24.2 is recommended if you go 64-bit. An option is to turn on swap space, e.g., put an SD card in or a SATA drive and create a swap partition. I think on earlier releases you’d have to recompile the kernel, as swap was not enabled in those earlier versions. I think R24.2 has this feature by default.

If you are really motivated you could configure a swap partition on your host system, and export it as iSCSI…the Jetson would treat it as a network-based local disk (which takes significant effort to set up).

Yeah I am on R24.2, so Ill make a swap partition off of the eMMC storage. How would I go about that?

I’d probably just use gdisk on the SD card (“gdisk /dev/mmcblk1”)…change the partition to type swap, and then after you save and exit from gdisk mkswap for the partition you created. For example, if it is the first partition of “/dev/mmcblk1”, then “mkswap /dev/mmcblkp1”. The “swapon” command can enable this, “swapoff” can disable it to make it safe to remove (don’t forget sudo for all of that).

Thanks, its working now, I was just missing Swapon.