Hello.Could you explain me, please, how to execute cmakelist.txt and what this cmakelist.txt [] is exactly doing ?

@A98 that CMakeLists gets invoked from the jetson-inference CMakeLists when you call cmake on it. It builds the jetson-inference python bindings for different versions of Python that you may have on your system. If you want to build it for different versions of Python, add or remove them there.

Thanks for your reply.I realize what this cmakelist.txt does, but i still don’t get how to run it.Which command should i use to execute it ?

You don’t run it individually, it already gets run when you run cmake ../ from the build directory because the main CMakeLists calls add_subdirectory(python) on it. If you change it and want to re-build, just do the build/install procedure again like normal:

cd /path/to/jetson-inference/build
cmake ../
sudo make install

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