CODE 2022.1.0 and WARP

Now we have the extension WARP available in CREATE 2022.1 and why not too in CODE 2022.1 ?

When we shipped Code 2022.1 as early access of Kit 103 in December not all the pieces where ready yet so Wrap was not include

We are planning to ship Code 2021.1.1 soon with the latest Kit SDK 103.1 and this will off course include Wrap


Thank you Mr. Fagnou for your answer @dfagnou .
I take the opportunity to ask you if we will also find in the OmniGraph menu, the editor available also in CODE?
And AOV ?
And do you have any idea of the date of this update?

Finally, if it’s not too much trouble, could you explain what makes CODE so complex to integrate the same extensions as those present in CREATE?

yes Code 2022.1.1 ( the next update ) due hopefully next week will include the similar features are Create 2022.1.0