code compile using pgf90/Red Hat 9.0 does not run in Fedora

Dear All,
I am very new to this Forum. I have compatibility problem between Red Hat 9.0 and Fedora Core 3.
I have an installed Fedora Core -3 on our eight node cluster and MPICH-1.2.6 is used for message passing library. I purchase a code and they provide an EXECUTABLE for this purpose. They have compiled the source code using Portland FORTRAN Compiler version. 4.0, gcc and MPICH-1.2.5 on Red Hat -9.0 operating system.
I tried to execute the binary code in sequential and parallel mode using MPICH-1.2.6 on our cluster which is running Fedora Core 3. The sequential code is running without any problem BUT the parallel refuse to execute on FC-3 system and gives following error.

p0_3807: p4_error: interrupt SIGSEGV: 11

When i ask to supplier, then they said that the binary might be not compatible with FC-3, because under Red Hat 9.0 environment, the code was compiled.
How to solve this problem? Is any trick so that i can execute the code on FC3?
Any help is highly appreciated.

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M. K. Singh
Scientist, CAT

Hi Manoj,

MPICH is host dependant so statically linking an execuatable with an MPICH version built for one OS, will most likely not work on a different OS. If the executable is dynamically linked (i.e. uses then there is a much better chance for portability. What’s the output of "ldd "?

  • Mat

Dear Mat
Thank for your reply. When i execute the command

$ ldd Pcrystal
Then is return that Pcrystal is not a dynamic executable.
You are right. This executable is not dynamically link with libmpich.a but it is Statically linked.
Have you any solution to overcome this problem?
Thank Again

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Short of getting a new executable, I don’t know of any options. Perhaps someone else has an idea?

  • Mat