code patching failed for unknown reason


I cannot make sense of this Legacy-Debugger error:

Internal debugger error occurred while attempting to launch _ZN3cub30DeviceRadixSortDownsweepKernelINS_21DeviceRadixSortPolicyIyN8bpcommon9RangeTypeIyEEiE9Policy700ELb1ELb0EyS4_iEEvPKT2_PS7_PKT3_PSB_PT4_SF_iiNS_13GridEvenShareISF_EE in CUcontext 0x1593dcd3600, CUmodule 0x1594b28bad0:
code patching failed for unknown reason.
All breakpoints for function _ZN3cub30DeviceRadixSortDownsweepKernelINS_21DeviceRadixSortPolicyIyN8bpcommon9RangeTypeIyEEiE9Policy700ELb1ELb0EyS4_iEEvPKT2_PS7_PKT3_PSB_PT4_SF_iiNS_13GridEvenShareISF_EE have been removed.
See Output View for additional messages of this type.

Since the debugger crashes, I cannot even locate the error. It just popped up someday and I use thrust alot. Using the next-gen debugger and hitting a breakpoint variables look more like thrust/cub-internals rather than the code context the breakpoint is in. So, it doesn’t crash but is unusable nonetheless.

Windows 10
Visual Studio 2017 aka 15.9.13
Cuda Toolkit 10.1
NSight 2019.1 and 2019.3 (tried both)

Thanks alot for help,