Codec/Program utilising Zero Copy GPU encoding of live stream - please can someone develop!

Greetings Nvidia developers! I hope you can help!

First up please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place. Second please forgive me if this is something that i have got wrong, I am not a programmer

Here’s the back story:

I built an external GPU for my (windows) laptop which runs an nvidia GTX 1050 for realtime 3d graphics generation - it works beautifully

I planned to make use of nvidias shadowplay functionality to record - but nvidias new shadowplay workss in a completely different way (see a lot of very upset gamers), so i installed the older version and even that wont record windowed or full screen output.

I want to make use of nvidias onboard GPU encoding with zero copy, so the video stream is not pushed around to RAM and CPU etc before being pushed back to the card for encoding - this is proving difficult to find…

As i understand it
I need either a codec and a program that can utilise it properly or a compiled exe and a GUI (I cant use a CLI all the time while doing live performances)
A codec would be ideal as it could be loaded into any program that works that way

ffmeg libav seems to have the functionality built in but i cant find a codec compiled for windows…

there are few compiled binary exe CLI on github but I dont know if they can do this and I cant find a GUI

I found a couple of media streaming servers that use GPU transcoding and have their own builds (Emby…)

All existing capture software like OBS etc still seem to shunt the video around between RAM and processor which defeats the object and kills the frame rates
Even Dxtory which pulls straight from the frame buffer then passes it to the CPU for encoding…

Does any one know of any way to currently do this or any development in this direction please?

Hoping you can point me in the right direction, I am sure there is a huge community of gamers and video/graphics producers who would really appreciate this

Many thanks!