Codeworks for Android 1R7 native code debugging stopped working

After installing the latest Codeworks for Android 1R7 and building/running a previous project, I can no longer debug native code. I can still debug java code. GDB appears to connect, but the native breakpoints don’t hit and it appears that the module isn’t loaded into the debugger.

Native debugging does work on included samples. Native debugging was working with this same project using Codeworks for Android 1R6.

Are there any known changes between 1R6 and 1R7 that I need to be aware of to get native code debugging to work? Any tips on what might be causing the problems with native code debugging in general, or why my native module might not be loaded in the debugger? Thanks.

Hi MichaelBean,

I would kindly ask you to provide us additional information on your setup:

  1. The VS extension’s log files, which are located at %APPDATA%/Nvidia Corporation/Nsight Tegra/Logs
  2. The output of adb shell getprop command for an Android device you’re trying to debug on
  3. The detailed information about your VS version - it can be copied from Help/About window.

Also, it will be quite helpful to get an APK and shared libraries with debug info (non-stripped .so files)

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the feedback!

Please, note that the update of Nsight Tegra VSE 3.5 has been released on March 31, 2018
It solves the issue with non-working native breakpoints that was observed for Android projects which are producing big shared libraries (the .so files bigger than 20 MiBs)